The Rain Would Be Back

valley-viewThe clouds thickened overhead and covered distant mountains so my vision was limited to the valley floors. Even then I couldn’t clearly make out all the suburbs. It had been a long time since I had been up this way and I remembered the family of deer I had seen here last spring. Looking around it was obvious they still came to this grassy area to lay down for rest.

I sat next to my best friend and husband, sharing this peaceful moment. I wanted to linger until my heart had nothing more to offer. An older guy with a camera was somewhere nearby but he was discreetly keeping his distance, affording us some privacy for conversation.

We didn’t need to speak too much. Our daily minutia didn’t belong here. We spoke at length to our heavenly Father, in awe of His beauty, mercy and power. The rain was going to be back again soon, it was time to get up and move on.

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