Ever Ready For The Punch


I had been on my feet only moments before and even now I was still standing in my physical body, but inwardly the unexpected punch of words had knocked me down. I had no words to speak back, and they weren’t ready to be received in this moment had I offered any. The blow was surprising but I brushed myself off quickly and replanted my spiritual feet. I was in a fight and I knew it but there was no way I was going down a second time.

Strategy came quickly, say nothing to agree with my enemy’s voice. I heard him circling around me and trying to poke at me to see where I was weak. This was a new move for him but not one I couldn’t recognize in a matter of moments. I could hear his pathetic whining longing to draw me into making a wrong move. I firmly held my place, keeping my gloves ever ready, my eyes and ears wary for his next move. The taunts he brought no longer swayed me to drop my arms in discouragement. In the background I heard the bell ring, this round I had won!

Psalms 46:1  God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble

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