Bench In The Sun

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Moments come and they go so fast, before we realize there was an opportunity to spend our time wisely it can often pass us by. I admit my life is an amazing wonder, especially to myself. I am not rich in a way the world would acknowledge, but in the heavenly realms I have riches too many to count. Recognizing this I must understand the importance of giving. I need to give more, even in understanding wisdom.

I work for an accounting department so I am being given lessons in how money moves the world. Often my phone conversations get quite challenging simply because somebody’s money didn’t go where it was supposed to. I continue to learn from this. Money makes some people so crazy and mean they forget you are just an employee and middle person. One of the most hurtful remarks I hear on my job is “you took my money”. These persons have never met me nor do they understand the nature of a corporate banking system. All they know is my voice is answering a phone so I must be the enemy.

My confession? Well I don’t take offense easily since it rubs against the grain of my integrity. Both of us are losers. I keep trying to grow with every rough call I get taking me down for the count and it’s a humbling job. Therefore I can only thank my heavenly Father for each lesson. I also give myself to understanding the better wisdom with each situation.

In my mind I wonder how easily each of us who simply talk on a phone line anonymously would react if we met, say on a bench in the sun, relaxing together? Knowing who I really work for, I’m pretty sure it’d be a great conversation. The wisdom in this moment is understanding that no matter where I am it should always end up in a great conversation….for my part at least.

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