Angels, Friends, Aquaintances, Family

Angels came to help me. They didn’t look like anything I had imagined. There were no wings and the faces didn’t bear any resemblance to the cherub paintings I had been exposed to throughout my life. The angels came in the guise if friends and acquaintances, occasionally, family.

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  1. Hi Debra,
    I an a friend of Tina Goodall. I just wanted to say that I admire you for stepping out, building a webstie where you can write. Tina is a sweetheart, she is always my voice if reason and I value her as a friend. She values you. I will be reading your articles to see what insights you have each week! Looking forward to more!

  2. Thank you Laura, Tina lives in my heart and I love her dearly. I also thank you very much for expressing encouragement. I will share an inside secret with you. The article I wrote May 17th was about her and I making a bonding memory from many years ago. She is an inspiration to me even today.

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