One Woman Helping Another

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Yesterday while running errands I had to stop at a bank for some cash. After all, who carries cash these days? I pulled up to the front of a nearby bank and realized I was pretty close to a large pickup next to me but there wasn’t much room on the other side of me either. As I started to open my door I saw there to be an elderly woman in the passenger seat who was trying to open her door. We couldn’t both exit our vehicles at the same time so I sat and waited.

Someone who looked to be her daughter came around and opened their passenger door wider, helping the woman step down out of the cab. I rolled down my window asking, “would you like me to back up?” thinking they might need more room. It was then, this elderly woman looked straight at me and spoke, “no it just takes me some time to get out.”

Although I had been in a hurry prior to turning into this parking space suddenly time didn’t seem to matter to me. I was content to sit there for as long as it took for these two women to clear the pathway. What a precious moment; one woman helping another who needed to take more time. A good lesson for me.

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