Smart Investment

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Time it drawing near for our elections and the smear campaigns abound. While trying to be informed I find myself constantly wondering how people who have no rock of faith to stand upon are surviving in this charged atmosphere. My husband and I are buying our house and we also invest in a 401k retirement plan. Now if I were fearful I’d probably be checking on these investments but then I have to ask myself why? We don’t plan on moving from our home so regardless of what it’s worth we will still live in it. As for our retirement portfolio? No amount of moving money in this environment is going to make much sense so our only option is to hang onto it for the long haul. We hadn’t planned on cashing it out for decades anyway so let it do its usual fluctuating.

The only smart investment one can make in this day and age is the one for eternity. The portfolio for salvation is one I recommend whole heartedly.

2 Replies to “Smart Investment”

  1. Survival is a hand to mouth reflex any more and even living without faith I stand determined to ensure my family’s survival in the most difficult of financial times we’ve ever faced. In the absence of faith I have found that family and tribe nourishes my heart. I too cannot count on financial investments to pay off as the welfare of my investments are not in my hands so I instill in my son it is people like us that must ensure that men learn from the mistakes we make today in order to prevent them from happening again. My portfolio for salvation is my son, he, like many others will drive the next generation to not make all the the greedy mistakes the previous generations have made and he will ensure that the generations that follow will not suffer for the sins of their fathers.

  2. Investing in the generations that follow us is truly living in the purpose of eternity. It’s a wise outlook not being selfish and thinking it’s all for you to live out today and screw your child’s future. History does teach us much and we need to hope (and pray) that others are paying attention to it. If everyone is watching the Wii or MTV than who is left to learn?

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