Compass Directions

My inner compass keeps me following a path that would steer me away from harm. At least that’s what I think it should do. Some days this arrow pointing directions seems to get stuck. I am seeing it point in a direction I’d rather not go because the path seems hard. Let’s face it, I’m an easy going kind of girl and I’d much prefer walking through a shady glen with easily visible water sources. To walk in arid places with no water in sight can be scary. I’m not a big fan of heat so not seeing the shade trees isn’t making it any easier to follow the arrow.

The compass has never been wrong though so I prepare myself for another trail hoping it will be a quick trek. I wanted to take some bottled waters but I am sure I mustn’t bring anything with me this time.

Matt 10:10 “take no bag for the journey, or extra tunic, or sandals or staff, for the worker is worth his keep”

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