Greed Pumped Up

Every year at the same time there always seems to be the “crises” or commodities event that causes our gas prices to soar through the roof. This year is no different and we are seeing these price reflections at the pump. There have been a few headlines that the oil companies are pointing fingers at everyone but themselves and I admit apathy to even read them. Why should we be interested in reading them when it’s so painfully clear our esteemed leaders seem to be helpless to do anything to change this?

I dislike taking cheap shots at those in power because I want to be supportive of our democratic government. I will say, “What have you done for me lately?” This will also be reflected in my pen as I mark off those boxes for my voting card. I will only check off names I feel are actually listening to my voice and not the lobbyist picking up tabs for their golf junkets.

Here’s a great news story I’d love to see….”Today Senator Joe Smith turned down lunch with the lobbyist John Greed in favor of meeting with his constituents.” Or how about, “Governor Jim Smith seen riding the bus today because he agrees gas prices are out of control.”

Fair is honest but greed is a sickness that infects everyone it touches.

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