They Get Me, They Really Really Get Me!

My hair used to be straight or so I thought. Turns out I just didn’t cut it right for most of my life! These days it curls up into any shape or form the wind blows it. Trying to tame it seemed futile so I let it go to the “wild side”. This seemed much cooler (meaning hip, people) when no one expected me to be mature, but there is a disconnect somewhere about getting older.

Let me espouse on this for a moment or two and please put in your two cents if I am way off base. The younger generation wants you to “act your age” but you of course are still young in your head, so isn’t that what you’re doing? The older generation wants you to “act your age” and again I ask, if you’re young at heart, isn’t that what you’re doing? Since you cannot seem to please either of these generations I say we should enjoy those that really “get you”!

Kids under 10 don’t yet have a concept that you are supposed to be someone other than yourself and this is a sweetness that exists nowhere else. Rolling your chunky body around in the mud while giggling like a buffoon seems pretty normal to them and it’s certainly liberating for anyone who does this. No expectations of dignity here, just total abandonment to joy and laughter.

Matthew 18:5 “And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.”

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