Not Slip Slidin’ Away

slip-slidin-away sound bite

I climbed the narrow mountain path having a tall peak in my vision. It was the highest spot I could see and I desired to stand on that mighty pinnacle, taking in the entire valley’s view, knowing the air would be freshest there and the droning of everyday life would also quiet down. Planting my feet firmly with each step I ventured further up my path noticing so many new trees and bushes I had never seen before.

My legs tired as I ventured on and it seemed as though the trail brush became thicker as I ventured higher. Occasionally my feet would stumble upon a pit in the trail and I’d fall, bruising myself. Getting up each time, I’d dust myself off and replant my feet in areas less pitted, moving forward.

I could see my goal getting nearer but the path became a little more like rock and this wasn’t something I had walked upon before. I was determined to carry on but my confidence faltered as the climb got steeper. My steps felt slippery on the rock surface and in a moment of distraction I lost my footing and slid a good distance downward. Discouraged I wanted to quit and stay right there but still I looked up to see what the promised vision was. I felt tears start to run down my cheeks and I could only sense how far I still had to climb. Reaching for my pack to find a handkerchief I suddenly realized a view I hadn’t seen. Looking around and downward, I became aware I was high above other nearby hills and mountain peaks. Realizing how far I had already traveled, refreshment came and it was time to climb again.

I understood as I drew closer to my destination, no matter how slippery the surface, I was still on a rock and it wasn’t going anywhere. I could put an anchor in it and keep moving in an upward trajectory.

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  1. This is a really good analogy…the closer we get to our destiny, the more the enemy will come to attack us…putting entanglements and pits, distractions and discouragment in our path, attacking our confidence, and obscuring our vision of the desired goal. But the LORD if faithful to give us glimpses of our dream and open our eyes to how far we have traveled, enough to strengthen us to continue on to the promised destiny. Good visual Debra….

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