Sowing Seeds….80’s Flashback


I have an 80’s tune rattling in my brain…”Sowing The Seeds of Love” by Tears for Fear. At that particular point in my life I didn’t get it! To me the song was just a pretty cool tune that harmonized well and had some interesting lyrics for sure but I really didn’t get it. The truth of this became so obvious in the upsetting nature of how I struggled from day to day for so many of those years, literally living out what I had been sowing into my everyday life and not much of it was in love.

I am now captivated by the verse written in this song, “Anything is possible when you are sowing the seeds of love, Anything is possible.” I am seeing this possibility lived out every day now and I am “fully joy” about every confirmation of its manifestation. More interesting to note is the verse, “They look to the skies for some kind of divine intervention.” I am of the opinion we are already divinely intervened if we have courage to ask for help and the faith to believe we are heard. May we all get past the skeptic friends or family who make fun of us for wanting a better future and just go for it with all of our hearts. Sow some of your own seeds in love and grow a crop of incredible yield!

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