Battle On

“Be kind for everyone you know is facing a great battle.” I don’t know who originally wrote those words but they seem appropriate when starting out the day. Be it drivers on the freeway or that rude gentleman who stands before a counter barking orders about his coffee, I have to remember they may be in a battle of some kind. In my head I want to just tell the man to give it a rest and we won’t even discuss the hand motions I’d like to give away to other drivers.

Restraint has become a kindness for me even when it is painful. Not doing what every impulse in my aching body wants to do is a sort of painful non-action. Later that spirit of wisdom within tries to encourage me with words like, “See, aren’t you glad you didn’t say or do that?” I will admit my teachable nature can still be defiant and I have been known to answer back, “No! That guy deserved a good smack.” Most of the time however I am glad for my turning the other cheek.

I wonder at times for the hurts people have suffered that they feel a need to take it out on the world and then I am reminded of my own hurts and understanding floods through me. I am forgiven so I must live to forgive.

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  1. Your words are beautiful. I look forward everyday to watching you grow through your own words. What I’ve read is so clear, even through yours and our misfortunes comes growth, truth and understanding.

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