Insecurity Antonym

Insecurity…lack of confidence or assurance; self-doubt….Jesus is the antonym and He says…balance, constancy, soundness, stability and steadfastness. Pretty sure I’m latching onto His definition of who I am!

The Messenger

I share the hope of my heart. I laugh with the joy of life. I give to help the poor and needy. I shine my light in dark places. I choose to love the unlovely. I speak in truth the name Jesus. I know I am only a messenger, but what a great message!

Ahead Not Behind

I look into the distance before me, watching with eyes focused upon the horizon. I can hear voices call to me from behind, but I do not turn to look back. It is enough for me to remember where I’ve been without positioning my eyes upon these places of old.

I Blew It

For the umpteenth time I blew it! The voices coming wanted to shame me into guilt. I took a deep breath and purposed myself to blow out all the candles lit by my accuser. When the smoke cleared I could easily see truth again.


As the night draws deeper in hour, we strive to settle ourselves.

Inventorying our days, we come to the reality of time spent.

Better Eyesight

When I can look at someone and ‘only’ see their potential, then maybe?…I’ve matured some? Until then, I know I need better eyesight!

Absorbed Into Truth

“I know about you but what about Me?”….*

Moving closer I can only see the One who matters. My need to exist in my flesh fades into nothing as I am absorbed into His truth.

* Lyric from Opinion by The Fixx