Dangerous Life

Life with Him is dangerous and I am scared. I admit it. Infatuation was the door I walked through but I just can’t leave. He has shown me a love I’ve never known. My stomach churns when I am not near Him. I feel lonely when not in His presence. Life feels empty without Him.

He wants my undivided attention and my life, but then asks me to pour it out to strangers; to everyone I meet and know? How can I do this? I am selfish and prideful. He even asks me to put my life on the line for Him; to die for Him. This is craziness in the world I exist. People say I am taken in by a spell, part of a cult.

For over two thousand years this love of Jesus has permeated society. Yes I have been captivated by this great love, and yes, even afraid I will follow Him wherever He may lead…

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