The Great Physician

The hall was long, longer than any hall I could remember seeing before. As far as I could see there were doors on both sides of the halls. Some of the doors had numbers and others had titles. Where there were no doors, there were corridors leading to more hallways and doors. Sometimes there were pictures and plaques on the walls to acknowledge those who had established this building. It was a building for the sick and for the dying.

I walked beside my friend as we were on our way to visit someone who needed healing. Neither of us carried a degree in medicine nor wore any kind of uniform to distinguish ourselves as having been trained in any kind of university upon the earth. We simply brought with us the tools of faith, hope and love along with the power of the Holy Spirit.

This night we only prayed with the one directly. As we walked out I knew in my heart that soon others would come with us and we would pray for all. I knew by the Spirit, this building was meant to be emptied of all the sick and dying. It would not be the medicine of man that would do this, it would be the great physician, Jesus Christ.

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