Spirit Dance

I held the hose in my hand over a particular portion of dirt; a place where only wild grass grew. I desired to soften the ground. I had turned up the soil already and wanted to make it ready for planting something fruitful. Standing there watching the water soak into the earth I got lost in my imagination…

It was night and the stars shone brightly. I was a woman free, without inhibitions. The water and soil were readily mixed and I knew instinctively what to do. Alone under the stars I undressed, standing naked under the night sky. Stepping into the mixture I began to dance, singing my secret prayers of the spirit. Round and round my feet made circles in the muddy soil, splashing up on my calves and thighs. I wore no shame for my naked condition. Singing aloud I uttered syllables, humming prayers while looking upwards. Laughing, I remembered the little girl inside me and dropped to my knees. I plunged my hands into the softened dirt. Taking handfuls of this muddy mixture, I spread it upon my hair, my face, by body. I was created from this dust. Looking upward, I wondered at my God who had created these stars, this earth and me….

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