Beautiful Clothing

An old tale of a selfish emperor who only loved to wear his beautiful clothing comes to mind. Swindlers wanting to make some coin convince the prince the clothes they have made for him are invisible to any who are unfit to see them or they are hopelessly stupid. The emperor ends up parading naked before the crowd and only a child has the courage to share that he sees no clothes on the man, exposing the truth.

I sat quietly today learning a new variation upon this lesson. My reputation is nothing, becoming less every day. I come and go unseen by those who seek the beauty of a world I shed prayer by prayer. With each layer of my life laid down, transparency becomes more comfortable clothing. No one is swindling me trying to convince me to wear my own beautiful clothes weaved to impress others. Instead I am being stripped of anything I once wore to parade before the world. Now I am to stand naked before society wearing the invisible robes of my King. And it’s the children of Jesus alone who will see my Kingly garments.

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