Father’s Hug

The man was beside himself with renewed hope. I had stepped back from him momentarily to be quiet and listen to what was in his heart. He was weeping some and expressing his gratitude to those of us who had prayed for him. One by one he hugged the others who were in the room. Turning to me I was surprised by the way he wrapped his arms so tightly around me. Expecting him to quickly release me I started to pull away, but he held me still, not letting go.

He began to speak to me tenderly with a father’s voice. He shared with me what a lovely daughter I was and how much I was loved. In that moment I heard my heavenly Father’s voice so clearly. It felt like such a long time this man held me in his arms. Nothing about his hug was untoward; it was just a Father’s love. Inwardly my heart melted knowing the Lord Himself was hugging me.

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