Come Talk With Me

Will you come talk with Me? Will you yourself speak with Me? You don’t need to ask another to speak for you. I tore the veil so you yourself could talk with Me personally. You are welcome to meet Me face to face. Come talk with Me. I want to hear your thoughts, whatever they may be, in whatever language you can speak in your emotions. If you are angry, come talk with Me. If you are sick, please come talk with Me. If you need help, come talk with Me. Are you lonely? Come talk with Me. If you want to share your happiness, please come talk with Me.

I know you, all of you, I know your inward parts, your very heart. I know your disappointments, your hurts, your wounds, your hopes, your desires, your dreams. No good thing will I withhold from you. Walk with Me and let Me hold your hand and be your Father? Let’s have a conversation. Come now, and let us reason together.

All I ask is that you please come talk with Me…

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