Employment Opportunity

I have been given a job of utmost importance. My instructions are quite clear. I am to mind my heart, that as I perform each assignment, it not be done through selfish ambition or conceit. I am not to be in rivalry with my fellow workers, but count them more significant than myself. This is completely counter-culture for how promotions work. It’s my understanding in this job, I must go lower to get higher.

I am to assist all who have need, and do so without boasting, as though I had done something beyond the expectations of my job. I am to work with a hopeful attitude even if I’m having a bad day, preventing a negative environment. I am to always wear a badge, not with my name, instead the name of my Employer as His representative in the workplace. (He is the Boss, but He’s also my best friend and helps me with every task.)

The payment guarantee is peaceful no matter how chaotic the economy. My retirement package has been completely insured to include an eternal place and time of rest. In the fine print there is a promise of a mansion and treasures beyond my ability to see or imagine. I am free to invite anyone to join me in this employment opportunity.

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