Dancing With Beautiful News

It was a gift to be alone without feeling lonely. My house was silent but I could hear a song playing in my heart. I went to my dining area and held out my arms. It was time to dance with the One who held me in eternity. A slow song played and I sway back and forth in the arms of Him who loved me. Words began to fill my ears, “if you know you’re loved by the King, sing, sing, sing, if you know you’re loved by the King than live for Him, live for Him”.

I stopped moving and sunk to my knees, alone in His presence. I didn’t need to speak, I only needed to be still, be quiet and just wait. More words came, “there’s a God who came down to save, show the world His amazing grace, there’s a God who came down to save and He calls your name, it’s the beautiful news, it’s the beautiful news”. *

* Lyrics If You Know You’re Loved, Matt Redman

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