Would You Know Love?

The questions ruptured my heart and I sunk to my knees in response, “would you know love, if it came up to your face, would you know love if it happened to be grace*”? Mourning pressed upon me. Too many people did not know the truth of what love really was. Upon learning the name of Jesus, a layering of religion begins to cover love like a blanket of so much dirt.

Hollow efforts take the place of enjoyable relationships, what were once gatherings now became commitments. Mere words echo the same messages over and over. A distortion of what love should be twists up hearts. Where love had been an open invitation, the religious spirit has turned it into a begrudging duty.

Upon my knees I take up my hidden cloth of prayer. I let my tears pour onto this cloth and wipe away at the grime trying to hide the beauty of love’s truth.

*Would You Know Love by Jessie Goodman

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