Forest For The Trees

Sometimes I can read things or hear people speak, and sense there to be depth in the words, but I feel a lack in my understanding for why. Regardless, I habitually file them away in my mental vault and wait. One of these sentences I had stored was, “can’t see the forest for the trees”. Although it seemed simple enough on the surface I knew one day this would mean more to me. At the time I had a visual picture of walking in the woods and seeing where I walked but not being aware of how vast it was for the place I was walking.

I began to think about that sentence in a new way this morning. I could see myself looking at my life as though I were viewing it through a camera lens from high above. As I adjusted the lens, details would come in and out of focus. As I pointed the lens at individual places I could see them clearly. Each time I repointed this lens, I would get very detailed pictures but only of a small area in my life. Eventually I removed the lens from my eye and could see over the entirety that was my life. The lens was a great tool for details but I needed to see the whole picture as it was meant to be seen.

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