Journey In The River

Inspired by Nancy King

She stood at the water’s edge hearing the rush of the current tickle at the rocks. The sun had begun its ascent into the dark sky bringing forth rays of light. The water now had a silvery reflection. Its sound was steady and soothing. She had waited here throughout the night, allowing the preparations to her heart.

Letting the white robe fall from her shoulders, she could feel the sun begin to caress her skin. Slowly she began to step into the cool liquid. Her feet could feel sand and rocks but there were no sharp edges which made her footing easy enough. Tears dropped from her cheeks joining themselves to the body of water. When the depth of it had reached her shoulders she leaned back to feel her long hair being pulled into the current.

Taking a deep breath she let herself be pulled completely off her feet, floating in the powerful stream. Love flooded her heart. She spread her arms out from her sides letting her fingertips tap upon the water’s surface. She had waited all her life for the courage to give herself over to this journey. Smiling, she closed her eyes. Now she was ready to go wherever the river would take her.

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