Just Another Day

In the background I could hear, “it’s just another day” playing quietly on my radio.

I thought back to my morning. I had chosen an easy walking path but it was populated with friends who were walking in pairs. My own partner couldn’t be seen but He walked with me, and I shared all that was upon my heart with the Lord; my hopes, anxieties and needs. He was quick to remind me I just needed to seek first His kingdom and righteousness, the rest He would take care of.

It was a small park I was in, so I kept passing the same people also walking. I could hear what they were speaking to each other. None of it was about the One who gave us the day to rejoice in. The One who gave us trees and grass; the One who gave us the sunshine and fresh air; the One who gave us companionship to enjoy. To them it really was “just another day”.

Turning off my radio, I let the quiet fill my house so I could again talk to my best friend, and thank Him for all His wonderful ways….

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