“What If They Just Can’t Give It To You?”

“What if they just can’t give it to you?” My face didn’t change. I didn’t do anything that would give away the hint of what had just been done in my heart. I continued to carry on the conversation as it played out, but inside I was being rocked by a revelation of truth. My husband spoke such a simple sentence; however its significance led me to make a note of it.

Later I played the sentence over and over in my heart, pondering the depth of its truth. I kept thinking about love, hope, help, healing, forgiveness, trust, friendship and dozens of other things we desire from our family, friends and people in general. We can become so disappointed by what we don’t receive from them. It doesn’t always dawn upon us, “what if they just can’t give it to you?”

To understand the fullness of what was spoken to me, I had to take a stroll through my own life as I had experienced it. The people I wanted to love but didn’t know how. The times I wanted to trust yet my wounds only made me fear trying again. The friendships I never entered into because I thought they’d only use me.

This stroll down memory lane was eye opening for how I am meant to see others. If they themselves can’t give me anything than I must recognize it’s because I need to give it to them.

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