Free Horses

The horses were confined. Fences had been built by men to harness their freedoms. The area to run had been taken away, and the strength of their muscles began to lessen because they no longer had the plains to run upon. Without room to run and grow they began to lose their identity, falling into a state of routine. Each morning they’d be fed the same food. They drank from a tank of stale water. Nothing inspired them to move around much.

When south winds began blowing, the air was filled with fragrances of former fields they knew to be pleasant. Putting their noses upward, they began to remember freedom. It stirred inner memories which had begun to fade. The horses began to whinny. They could hear and smell another horse they couldn’t see who lived in freedom. A stirring was felt within the fences and restlessness set them to begin pacing. Frustration at being confined began a movement…..soon the fences would not hold them.

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