Love Letters

“Speak to me!” A cry from all humanity. We search the skies for hand written confirmations there is a God. We expect to see writing in the clouds declaring, “I AM here!”

God has always known we’d need affirmations of His presence, so He made such provision. He has written us love letters to read everyday we exist. They are written in every language we could possibly understand. With eyes open we can see them. We can read them one by one or in combination.

We can read them in words, in color, in our love for one another, in a flower, in an aroma, in a touch, in a song, in a passion, in a wonder, in math, in science, in fire, in water, in a rainbow, in the air that we breathe.

Love letters created for us to read and enjoy. Love letters to behold the magnificence of the One who is beyond comprehension for the depths of love. Even the skies declare His love letters in the sun and the stars. Love letters written in the very beats of our own hearts. Love letters written into our laughter, our smiles, even our tears. The language of love is all around us, always speaking, always answering humanity’s cries.

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