Cleaning Away Dirt And Grime

There was enough time so I sat still while water and soap encapsulated my car, cleaning away dirt and grime. Turning up the stereo, I tried to concentrate, lessening the mechanized sounds happening all around me. Strange as it seemed, I felt a peace in this place.

I had wanted to hide in my house, in myself, but I had made a commitment to be someplace. Momentarily I lingered in this hidden location, driving forward as slow as I could get away with. Closing my eyes I leaned my head back and just listened to the words.

I hear you reaching out in me

I can hear you calling

Take the pain away

I feel you calling out with me

Comfort me I’m falling

Take the pain away

Can you hear me?

Come and heal me

Can you take the pain away?  *

As I absorbed these words, I could hear the continual cleansing of my vehicle. My hands rested on my steering wheel and I thought I felt drops of water. Opening my eyes I could see water was dripping slowly upon my fingers.

I felt tears I’d been holding within slide down my cheeks. I knew I’d have to call for a replacement of my windshield, but at this moment it just didn’t matter. All I really understood was how life giving water cleansed dirt and grime from my very soul.

* Al Berry – Take The Pain Away

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