A Horse Is A Horse Of Course

I thought the horses to be gorgeous. One was tan with a white mane and the other speckled white with a gray mane. Standing beside them was heady as I laid my hands upon their necks. Stroking them, I could feel the powerful muscles beneath my fingers. Even their eyes were expressive and I desired to linger, wanting to absorb this rare beauty. I refrained from trespassing upon the bounds of grace these riders shared. Stepping back I thanked the riders for allowing me such privilege to touch these creatures.

Days later my computer was attacked by a Trojan horse which I isolated before it could plant itself. The coincidence made me wonder about Psalm 33:17 A horse is a vain hope for safety; Neither shall it deliver any by its great strength.

Horsepower has always been a measure of power and strength. In our western culture we tend to use the phrase relationally to engine power. The internet is ever on guard for Trojan horse attacks to gain access to personal information. Once the intruder has gained access we become vulnerable.

These viruses are aptly named from Greek mythology. In the legendary tale of the Trojan horse; a city is penetrated by means of a gigantic wooden horse containing warriors who attack while it sleeps.

Makes me wonder about the areas I may be relying on my own strength….

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