Sing A New Song

Sing A New Song

More than once I have listened to fascinating teaching based on everything in matter having a certain vibration. Literally a song. When you take this teaching into account with what we know about “string theory” it’s interesting to understand the correlation.

I am no scientist so I can only offer an over simplified explanation for “string theory”. Just imagine the fundamental building blocks for everything in creation being manipulated into something else by vibration.

Gives a whole new revelation to the Word which encourages us to “sing a new song”. If matter can be manipulated and changed based on vibrations than just imagine what it is we can do with our praise?

Psa 98:1  Sing to GOD a brand-new song. He’s made a world of wonders! He rolled up his sleeves, He set things right.

Psa 96:1  Sing GOD a brand-new song! Earth and everyone in it, sing!

Psa 33:3  Invent your own new song to him; give him a trumpet fanfare.

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