Hopeful Transmissions

“The hills are alive with the sound of music” rang in my head as I traversed some upper trails in the hills. Green grasses were filled with spring’s wild flowers. I purposed to put away my Ipod so I could hear the music being sung by all of creation. I love to listen to music but sometimes I have to be quiet in order to really hear it.

Earlier I had found myself at the radio tower which carries the strongest air wave signal for this local region. So many words and melodies emanate from these dishes. Looking at them I wondered at the technology we have. We can hear the thoughts of people from all over the world via these transmissions.

Over and over again these transmissions are put forth with the mindset behind them of the money to be made. I wondered at the music we could hear in our valley if instead of sharing information based on greed, we shared because of hope. Hope for change, hope for helping one another, hope for unity in our hearts.

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