Battery Plugged In

Agitation flooded my senses and it started to spill forth. A friend asked if I was okay and I was honest to say I’d had enough at the moment. I love to be helpful but there was a breaking point; being able to help versus being inundated with so much I could no longer effectively help anyone. In my stressful state I knew it was time to step away. I put everyone on hold and took my hand sized football to try squeezing the stuffing out of it. (Employers give these things away probably thinking it will keep the outbreak of violence in check.) It was time to walk away.

Taking inventory of my attitude, I quickly recognized my need and spent a few minutes alone to replenish my peace, strength, love and understanding. It’s easy to have my battery drained if I am counting on myself but I am plugged into heaven. If my King Himself needed refreshing, who was I to do things any differently?

Luk 5:16  As often as possible Jesus withdrew to out-of-the-way places for prayer.

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