Inspiration A Needed Tool

Inspiration is a needed tool in our lives on a daily basis. Without inspiration to draw us into actions of worth we would become a people without imagination or creativity. If all I ever see is the same thing day in and day out, how can I possibly learn to desire more then what I can see? I’m not talking about unhealthy desires, but real desires of the heart to be more then we are today.

It’s the inspirational lives of one another that cause our hearts to be moved out of our lethargy and into action. It’s the stuff that movies are made about, why books are written and tales shared all over the world in news and internet chats. Before you can inspire someone with your own actions there is a price to be paid. You must actually take a risk to get out and do something.

How about motives? Will you still be willing to help another in an act of inspiration if you knew no one would see you do it? Yeah, it’s a risk to get out and do something, but it’s character to want to do it without reward or recognition here upon this earth.

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