Eye Candy Of The Culture

I was laying here thinking about my family and friends this morning. How the circle of those who wear that label has grown. I can’t help but think about love’s attributes. When we have no one to care for, we can become self-absorbed in our own desires which can distort us to some degree. Our problems seem so important. I don’t make enough money, if I had a better job, if I had a better car, if I had…fill in the blanks…my life would be easier and better.

When we really think about it, all of these are traps to fool us into forgetting the beauty of what we have in our hands in this very hour. We do have money to buy food to eat. We do have a home to shelter away from the cold and the heat. We have mobility to get around. Our life is easier and better than literally 90% of the world’s population. When we allow ourselves to take our focus off the eye candy of the culture we live in, our vision comes into a place of reality. By tuning out the media for even a brief moment we can realize all that we have, rather than drawing our attention to all that we want.

Back to love though. Love is used to bring us into alignment with what truly matters. We forget ourselves when we begin to share our love with others. By giving our love away we can be filled with a joy forgotten. In love there is power to be truly free. What a beautiful gift that is!

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