“I Want You Now…”

“I want you now and tomorrow won’t do, there’s a yearning inside and it’s showing through”….from a song I liked years ago that stuck in my brain. The sentiment is still the same but my directive target is now heart based upon the one who has always been calling me.

We all ache so desperately for the desires and longings within our hearts. I have been examining my own heart “aches” from past and present. I can honestly tell you some of what I desired could not have been more pathetic. Shall I confess? House…money…yep, even a nice ride at one time! Higher up on my list of wants was “high power job” which only meant authority and position to be recognized in this world.

My current yearning is still just as desperate as the song I remember from back in the day, only now it’s for something “real”. I long for the eternal answer, the eternal dream! I want the promise of Jesus….

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