Are We Getting Their Messages?

In a world of messages we have to wonder if we’re really getting them? Voicemails, emails and texting have taken over where once letters were the norm. We have even developed a shorthand version of our words so we don’t have to type as much. I often wonder if this stunts our conversations? Can I really get to know someone with a sentence here and there in an email? Will a text show me their real heart?

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  1. Hi Debra! Cousin Holly here :-). It was great to get that hug, wish I could have got back to the hotel before you left. I missed you by a few minutes Sonya said. I was with mom the whole time. I go every day and sometimes twice a day to see her. This week she’s been much more rested. Last night she had a tumble out of bed so she’s a little sore. I went and checked on her earlier and I’m going back tonight to take her desert. Thanks so much for coming up, she loved it!

    Regarding texting, I know it annoyes some but it is the way I communicate with my girls, touching base constantly when they’re driving too and fro so I know they’re safe :-). But it does not replace our nice long conversations! As you probably remember, teens must be in “the mood” to conversate.

    Take care! Love – Holly

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