Clay Pigeons, Dragonflies, Sunset

I looked through the sights at the clay pigeons nailed to a distant oak tree wondering if I could keep the barrel steady enough to hit any. Within a couple shots I saw one explode. Yep, this was exactly what the doctor ordered for some relaxation. My friends had been kind enough to indulge me in this endeavor and I enjoyed taking out a few more targets for a short time.

We walked to the river and once more I sat among some favorite rocks to quietly enjoy watching the dragonflies. Someone had given me one of these insects earlier in the afternoon and I was fascinated by their transparent wings. Watching them fly about I was amazed by their maneuverability and swiftness.

Getting up to leave I had my eyes filled by an incredible sunset. I was disappointed I hadn’t dragged the camera gear with me, but it was enough I could recognize such beauty. Standing in awe of God’s glory there along the river bank, I knew I wanted so many more of these live paintings.

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