Safe Place To Pull Over

Night falling on a country road and as I left the dirt drive I rolled down my windows to enjoy fresh air rushing into my car. My mind was swimming and I just needed it to stop long enough to catch a deep breath. I turned up my stereo to let the waves of music hit the depths of my heart, hoping to displace my thoughts for a few minutes. Within minutes I hit a stretch of road empty of houses or traffic. Without a second thought I put my foot down on the gas pedal and watched the speedometer quickly rise.

The air was rushing faster and I could feel it blowing my hair wildly. I wanted this to last for a while. I needed and wanted this rush. The yellow lines started to blur into one now. No matter how fast I wanted to run from memories though, they kept overtaking me. My car was not fast enough. It was no use….it was time to slow down and look at these things; time to find a safe place to pull over. I wondered how long I’d have to stay there?

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