Dismiss The Busy Chores


Some days all I want to do is my own thing but responsibilities can keep me preoccupied. Even after I roll in the door my mind is still buzzing along about everything I need to get done. I started to go into busy mode the minute I came home and then it hit me how quiet the house was.

Nah, this isn’t the way to live today! I went into my spare room’s archives of cds and found something bluesy but fun. As much as I love my sound system I must take care not to rattle all my shelves. Finding a nice level of comfort I went to the wine rack for a Syrah and opened it for some breathe time.

Time for some candles and a romantic dinner with my husband. This is a much better idea than “busy chores”. I need to remember how to rest sometimes. Tonight seems like a good time to reacquaint myself with that concept.

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