Turn Up My Candle

A friend sent me a word about “the pens of ready writers are going to write as never before”. This is not the first time someone sent me this article but it certainly captures my imagination. What an awesome thing to be ready to write the words of hope in a time when so many have none.

I myself am encouraged in many ways, but I think sometimes the most powerful moments I can learn from are when I see those I love and care about pushing on. During the middle of hard news, hard times, with nothing on the horizon to say it will pass quickly, still they carry on with hope and praise in their hearts.

What bright candles burning passionately in the middle of darkness. I want to be with these fiery people no matter what season they are walking in. I want to learn everything there is to know about staying lit up with hope. I want to have my own candle turned up to be just as bright.

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