Sensory Overload Be Da…

My brainwaves are constantly churning and some days I purposely have to shut them down for fear of overloading my sensibilities. I can’t describe this well other than “sensory overload”. Just imagine too much electricity coming into a circuit only capable of handling minor loads of current. My favorite escape is to immerse myself in nature and my surroundings to the point I can’t hear all the noise anymore. Don’t you think life can be noisy with all its demands?

On this same wavelength, I give my thoughts over to what my fellow man/woman may be feeling or thinking. For all the many ways I can need to disengage, not all are wired the same and I see this daily by the way people want to interact. I am reminded of a lesson in life from a couple years back…a true story.

Someone in my department whom I only joked with once in the short time we spent “together” on this planet was so internally in turmoil, no one recognized the extreme state of desperation she was living in. We ended up reading about her in newspapers for how she thought the answer to her problems was to meet them with a gun, only to lose her own life.

That shook me up! I didn’t know her, but really no one did; somehow that seemed wrong. None of us should walk this earth in a state of being lied to so much as to think we are “alone” and “there is no way out”! This lie irritates me and let me share my heart to tell you I am being polite with my words.

For all the many ways I may want to be left alone at times, I’d rather spend my time being overloaded in my senses than think I may have missed saying the one thing to someone I didn’t know so they might think twice that…..”Yes! Their life was worth something and they mattered!”

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