Logical Mindset


There comes a time when we just need to admit we have to go back in order to go forward. For myself, that would mean embracing what comes naturally, my childhood instincts! I have often heard the term, “the more you know, the less you know”, and finally, I am beginning to understand the very truth of these words.

In the natural world order, I sought an education of higher degree thinking this would advance my knowledge, prospects and prosperity. Something within me began to recognize the futility of this pursuit before I chased its trail for too much of my adulthood, but still I was left with the question of, “what do you seek?”

Now I have the answer, but finding this is not exactly the end all et all of understanding. Matter of fact, it’s only a beginning of a much bigger mystery. I am completely believing I have found myself living the truthful adventure beyond the imaginations of an Indiana Jones picture. The map I am using is very accurate, however I found my biggest stumbling block is my own mind! I must be able to let go of “logic” and simply walk in faith to believe all is possible.

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