It Matters…


Long, long ago there was a Disney movie called “Mary Poppins” where as a youth I was introduced to my fascination with words because the movie shared with us how many words are nonsensical. Does anyone remember “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”? It didn’t mean anything yet we loved the way it was sung and how it rolled off our young tongues.

I still have a fascination with words and as I listen to conversations around me I am certain so many of them are “superfluous”. Don’t know what that means? Well just to give you a topical touch…..extra, unnecessary, redundant, not required…..get the picture? I am not hyper critical of conversations but I am in a place where I am listening as best I can because it’s important. Unfortunately so much of what I hear is not important and it can be excruciating to stand still long enough to let the thought be expressed; inwardly I consider these moments “tiny talk”.

I desire with all that I am to hear what is in a person’s heart. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could drop our own superfluous conversations and start having chats that actually matter to us? Knowing who I am, being a master of tiny talk, there is a full understanding of how challenging a thought this is but still I must pose it. Our time matters… should our words.

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