Riding The Perfect Wave


When I was in my late teens I was living in Japan and spent a great deal of time seeking solace upon a favorite beach, watching both sunrises and sunsets. I used to wonder a great deal about my life; what it had been, what it was and what it was to become? Listening to the waves speak was like hearing my own soul. Sometimes I was at peace and they were gentle to my ears, and other times they reflected my inner turmoil like a storm with continuous crashing against the rocks.

I miss regular walks on the beach but my reflective nature has never left me. My emotions can still be varied but I am learning not to be tossed about in the waves of my life like I’m caught in the undertow. I prefer to rest and ride the wave as best I can. It’s not easy and some days I feel ripped up by the undercurrents but breaking the surface once more I take in deep breaths of air, realizing I have survived to ride yet another wave.

Mentally I am the surfer in search of the perfect wave to ride clear into the beach, finally arriving in one “peace”.

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