I Love My Trainer

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The horses passed by and we could see these magnificent creatures only partially through trees and bushes. They were so tall. I was walking with my mom on this morning and I didn’t know why it was so important to share this experience with her but everything felt right. As we made our way back towards where I had parked the car, the horses we had seen pass us earlier came trotting down into the meadow area.

One was white but not shiny or pure white, simply like a cloud of white with tiny specks of color in its coat to almost make it off-white. The other horse was tan with a blond mane and tail. The riders separated these horses and this is when the real show began. It was like watching the warm up exercises for an equestrian event. These creatures of might and power displayed their graceful steps, tossing about their heads in a real show of beauty. What training must have gone into these two gorgeous creatures? They were loved.

I was once given a word about a beautiful show horse who was jumping over stuff for her Trainer and this show horse loved doing these things for her Trainer. I think back on that now and I can’t recall when my heart has ever felt so full of love for my heavenly Father. May He continue to have my steps always be in grace so they are graceful when I am being “observed” by others who long for this same walk.

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