No Names, No Recognition, No Ability

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Shopping is my least liked chore. I’d actually prefer ironing or doing laundry to having to expose myself to the horrors of going from store to store in hopes of finding that “perfect” gift. As a woman I have to say the shopping gene many of my female friends have is not exactly alive and well in my own self.

Listen…..can you hear it? There’s an underlying message we are all meant to hear but I don’t think many are tuning their ears into the right frequency. I missed the beat myself earlier tonight when I started listening instead to the hum of our general public. Instead of giving my available dollars and time to those in real need I was out flowing in the tide of the holiday season. Buy, buy, buy stuff for those who have much already.

It was a reality check when I found myself outside on the cold sidewalk just wanting to go home. My joy factor had begun to register at very low levels. For me, I already know the remedy. I will quietly seek out those who have a real need and meet it. No names on the tag, no recognition, no ability for someone to pay me back in kind.

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