30 Minutes Is Not Enough

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I had 30 minutes to do with what I wanted and although I enjoy many people I am around, more often than not I desire to be alone. You see I am never alone no matter what my mind tries to tell me. I ducked away from anyone who might ask me questions. I’d had enough questions of my own, I couldn’t take anyone else’s.

Selfishness was my drug of choice momentarily. I took the back stairs to my car and couldn’t get the keys in the door fast enough. My minutes were already ticking away and I needed something I knew was mine. Zipping my car away from the parking lot faster than I should I was finally alone.

Alone with my heavenly Father to find the peace only He offers me. I had so many questions for Him but I didn’t need to be clumsy and put them into verbal words. He would always just let me be at rest in Him. Driving through the countryside it was so beautiful to look at His colorful palette. I had to roll down the window and put my hand into the fresh breeze. I wanted all of Him to roll over me.

My mind tries to understand such love…how wide? How deep? 30 minutes was not enough. I’d be back every chance I get.

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