A Question For Our Generation

The news again. Full of liberal shifting agendas and a painting of Obama to be a hero to come. I cannot guess at what the future holds for us but there is something important to think upon. No matter who ascends to the highest office of this nation, without the people (that’s you and me folks) backing his or her play, we are a joke.

Can we talk? I confess I get tired of our spoiled attitudes where we want everything but will sacrifice nothing to get it. How far we have come away from the dreams of our forefathers? How many of us had grandparents and great grandparents who suffered through tedious jobs so we could have a better future? Now that we are living that future, what have we really done with it?

Did they really want us to waste our money and talent driving fancier cars, to have television sets in every room of our house, to text message our lives away rather than draw closer to our family members, to waste hours each day playing video games or watching mindless music videos? Is this really how we want to spend our time? What will be said of us at the end of our lives, the end of our generation? What are we contributing to society?

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