Busy Body Speak

Ever hear about busy bodies? I do often, but not quite in the sense they are busy doing anything other than being in other people’s business. I am not fond of this personality type. Something inside me just wants to always walk away and find a “good book” to read instead.

I had something happen though and it made me realize how “imperfect” I was. Shocking really!!! The busy speak began to take on new life in which I was one of the topics. Suddenly I could feel my ears tingle and I found myself straining to hear conversations that were being whispered.

Isn’t it funny how easy it is to ignore “busy body” speak until it starts to be about you? I put my “good book” in my backpack this morning and I also grabbed some uplifting music for my player which turns up pretty loud in volume. I will once more become oblivious about being in someone’s conversation and instead turn my thoughts upward.

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